Leveraging The Power Of Digital

GSL Labs provides Small & Medium Enterprises with the tools to win in the digital first environment. Our All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform - Upsurge.io - enables you to punch above your weight by enabling you to reach & convert your audience at scale through automated multi-channel marketing campaigns. It's like having a whole marketing team behind you. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps you scale efficiently by providing a process driven, workflow enabled solution to manage customer on-boarding, service requests and customer satisfaction.   Stop running your business on paper based processes, disjointed marketing tools and spreadsheets. All of this is customised for you through our consulting service which help you every step of the way. 

Digital Design

We build websites, mobile apps and digital e-mail campaigns that engage and get your message across.  We also fully integrate all of the digital assets into our marketing engagement platform- Upsurge.io.  Every digital asset is measurable.

Marketing automation

In the old days, advertising was focused around TV, & Radio.  Not any more.  Upsurge.io get's your message out across the digital medium including Social, SMS, Video and E-Mail channels. It's like having a whole marketing team behind you.

CRM & Sales Automation 

Getting new customers is one thing, keeping them is another. We build process driven, workflow enabled customer portals and CRM solutions which manage the customer journey and help you retain your customers and up-sell to them. 


We put your business online and  leverage the capabilities of  Upsurge.io to drive traffic, nurture prospects and automate the cross selling of other products and services based on campaign rules. Promote your store across all digital channels. 


One size doesn't fit all, and probably doesn't fit anyone perfectly.  We work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan that leverages digital design via our Upsurge.io platform to acheive these goals.  It's all about win-win.

digital & Social marketing 

We know you are really busy running your business.  That's why we offer a complete service to manage all of your digital marketing for you. Planning & executing campaigns, developing your digital assets & managing your social.  Simple. 

Open Integration Across The Digital Landscape: