who we help

We are passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses. We believe that the internet and digital revolution has made it easier than ever to start-up in business. However, the key challenge facing many small and medium business owners is in scaling the business and moving the business from being owner centric, to operating on a process basis across marketing, sales and delivery independently of them. This is where we help.

  • Small businesses 
    where gaining early sales traction = survival 

    For small businesses, gaining early sales traction is key for survival.  Having a clear brand, message and effective web presence is key to this, but the challenge is how to get your message out.  You may have better products and services than the larger corporates, but if no one knows about them, your dead in the water.  

    This is where we can help.  We listen, we work with you to produce brand messaging which is unified across all channels and which is clearly communicated in your web presence.  We create strategies to build your audience via social,  e-mail campaigns, and create innovative content strategies.  Our Upsurge.io platform does all of the heavy lifting for you, since time is the business founder's most important commodity.    We also give you a CRM capability which matches the needs of your businesses - starting off this can be very simple - managing tasks and opportunities - but can scale and grow to manage the whole customer journey as you grow. 

  • Tourism & hotels 
    enhancing the customer experience & amplifying "word of mouth"

    Enhancing the total customer experience will determine the winners in the tourism and hospitality sector.  With people valuing their time & the overall quality of their experiences more than ever and the marketing channels and environment becoming increasingly noisy across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and normal search, you are increasingly day trading consumer attention in a bid to make your destination stand out.

    Our solutions can help you win the customer experience battle.  From nurturing and dynamically profiling potential visitors, to enabling them to down load integrated Apps which, via geo-targeting and beacons enhance their overall stay,  we can help you innovate and drive positive reviews, word of mouth referrals and repeat visits.  Digitise the consumer experience and win. 

  • software & technology companies
    empathy, focus, impute 

    Apple's marketing strategy was summarised in 3 words when they were incorporated in January of 1977.  We can express your value proposition in terms that your target market will understand by creating your digital presence around the benefits that your solution brings.   We can dynamically profile the challenges and goals of your prospects and feed them content on how you help solve these problems at scale.  Our CRM capability also manages the complete customer journey and can also manage service requests, bug logging and feature &  enhancement requests.  

    We can help you get your message out to those who matter at scale, in terms that will resonate with them. 

  • financial services
    how can you reduce my costs, risk and tax liabilities?

     R&D tax credits, SEIS investment scheme, capital allowances insurance policy terms, policies written in trust and pension transfers.  These areas are a very limited subset of financial areas that can have huge benefits for typical businesses & individuals. The challenge is explaining these benefits. We help you digitally market your products & services in innovative  ways which helps the end consumer, whether they are an individual or a business, to understand the actual benefit to them.  This education approach to digital marketing builds an audience through educating them, which in turn builds trust leading to more business.        

  • Legal 
    how can you protect my business & personal interests?

    Shareholder agreements, corporate structures,  maximising exit values, managing aquisition and mergers.  These are just some areas where a typical business will need help over it's lifetime.  We help you digitally market your products & services in innovative ways which helps the end consumer, whether they are an individual or a business, to understand the actual benefit to them. This education approach to digital marketing builds an audience through educating them, which in turn builds trust leading to more business.

  • manufacturing 
    we have the best quality products - here's why....

    Bigger is not always better, but it does often mean that you are competing with an organisation with a much larger marketing budget & market presence.  With more than 70% of the B2B buyer’s journey taking place pre-sales in manufacturing  (the majority of which is in the digital space), capturing a prospect attention in an ever-evolving digital world is key to success. 

    We help you build this awareness right at the start of a prospect's research process.   Our solution profiles their core requirements and serves them relevant content about the benefits of your products and services, building trust and putting you in a position to win the business.

  • universities & colleges
    why should i entrust my future to you?

    With International students now worth £25 billion to the UK economy, effective digital marketing has never been so important. This is especially important when you consider this in conjunction with the rise in student expectations.   

    Educational institutions need to communicate with students and prospective students in a relevant and meaningful way.  We can help profile the academic areas of interest for students and serve them relevant content which increases their awareness of the benefits of your institution.   We do this across Social, SMS &  E-Mail, typically enriched with video to give them a taste of campus life and the lifestyle that they will enjoy, since students are now looking at the overall learning & lifestyle experience. 

  • schools
    How will you ensure my child gets the best academic start in life?

    Having a strong insight into the “parent journey” is critical for Independent Schools & Academies.  Since a school's funding is calculated largely on a per-pupil basis, a reduction in enrolment will mean a reduction in funding, often putting significant pressure on a school’s finances, and ultimately its viability.  

    Whether it’s outstanding academic achievements, a forte for the arts, a science-focused curriculum, or the way you use technology to deliver personalised learning for students, we can help you communicate the brand values of your school and persuade parents to trust you with their child's education.