Why GSL Labs

Working with GSL Labs was a face to face driven, personal experience.

We had several meetings and review sessions to ensure that the solution exactly met our requirements.  We looked at some off the shelf solutions but none could meet our specific requirements.  We now have a solution in place which will enable our growth, since we couldn't continue our expansion running the business on spreadsheets, e-mails and a never ending stream of phone calls.  

-Derek Steele, Managing Director of DS Utility Consultants. 

The Marketing Automation module is like having an additional person on the team.

We were launching a new service for 4k video production & needed a partner to help us rebrand and launch.  From defining the target segments & personas to crafting the marketing messages & digital campaign design, they managed all aspects, even down to writing the website content.  GSL managed it all.

-Michael Barron, Director 4k-Media